Racism Pie

A classic recipe for disaster and oppression passed down from generation to generation.


A few too many Bad Apples
2 heaping cups of Ignorance
5 TBSPs of Self-righteousness
3.5 pounds of pure Hate
¾ cup of Fear
A pinch Arrogance

9 oz. of Colonization
1 pint of Prejudice
7 teaspoons of Bigotry
3 tbsp of Discrimination
A few centuries of Generational Wealth

How to prepare filling:
Mix together Hate, Ignorance, and Self-righteousness. Gradually add in the Bigotry, Fear, and Arrogance Get a bag of apples but only use the Rotten ones
Set mixture aside to marinate

How to make Crust:
Put the Prejudice, Colonization, Generational Wealth and Discrimination in a large bowl made out of inequality
Throw in a bit more Hate and just a dash of White Privilege to taste. *Totally optional

Warning! This might get messy:
Knead ingredients together till it’s all mixed in. Add the filling to a large, round pan. Roll the crust flat and place it over a pie pan.
Let bake for a few hundred years and you have Racism Pie.
I hope you’re happy, America!