Mr. Villain


Normalcy changes 

With the times.

What made someone 

A hero,

Can become their 

Downfall the next day.


But me,

A mutant?


I’m just 



Human as 

Everyone else.


Yet you stare at me

As if I

Came from a 

Different planet. 



Ah, I see

I may have a small



Mr.Crazy Villain.

That’s me,

Isn’t it?


Is it off-putting that

I can’t perfectly 

Mimic your language? 


Or is it that 

I speak an 

Alien language?


Then be quick,

Decipher my code!

Who knows 

What kinds of

Threats I’m making?


Hurry up and

Get rid of

This villain!


I’ll make my

Best effort

To disguise myself

To look more



Change my ways

To appear

Less strange.


Adapt to

This town’s standard and 

Eat nonexotic foods.


Though a small problem,

I can’t really change

My exterior shell

Color or appearance.


Everything else is

In order,

Perhaps you can 

Allow this 

Small oversight





Still Mr.Crazy Villain,

After all my efforts?


Here I thought,

Giving up my

Mother tongue and my 

Strange, otherworldly 

Culture and customs

Would help me reach



Will everything I do

Forever be in vain?


I am cursed

To forever be a-


Well if that’s the


Is there a point

In even trying anymore? 


Should I paint the town,

With my strange colors?

Who knows, it may

Help the town not be so 



Mr.Crazy Villain

That’s me!

Should I terrorize

The town with my

Extraterrestrial self? 


Come and hurry,

Capture me!


Who knows 

What I’m

Capable of?



Someone stop me 

I’m such a horrible