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Senior Spotlight: Ellie Maguire


If you have ever been on the dance floor at Prom or Charity Ball, chances are you have seen a beautiful, majestic creature doing the worm, being cheered on by her peers. This creature is known as Ellie Maguire. She is a fun loving, free spirit, who dances to the beat of her own drum. One of Ellie’s most admirable traits is her authenticity. She does not succumb to peer pressure or trends, rather, she paves her own path full of laughter, friends, Diet Dr. Pepper, and pickles. Ellie is not afraid to let her true self shine, and with an inner personality so radiant, it would practically be a crime not to. In a world so quick to label people as “basic,” Ellie stands as a counterpoint, providing a true example of what uniqueness can be. 


To know Ellie Maguire is to love her. She is a caring, supportive friend that goes to great lengths for everyone she knows, regardless of the duration of the friendship. Ellie is a high school anomaly – she’s someone almost her entire grade knows and cherishes, yet at the same time, she has a few close friends who know her inside and out. Part of Ellie’s popularity may come from her supportive nature. Go to almost any sports game and you’re almost guaranteed to find Ellie. Even if you can’t see her, chances are you’ll hear her loud cheers. Thanks to her immense school spirit, rumor is that Ellie bleeds green and gold, but no one will ever know, because nobody would ever wish her harm. As her good friend Ava Flood put it, “everyone gravitates towards her, and no one has anything against her.”


In addition to her bubbly personality, Ellie has more depth than what meets the (Eagle’s) eye. She is extremely wise beyond her years and is always willing to give level-headed advice on any issues her friends might be facing. “She can easily read people,” says Claire Fellows, a close friend of Ellie’s. Ava adds, “She’s taught me that not everything has to be so impactful or serious. It’s okay to have fun, it’s okay to relax, it’s okay to be chill, and life goes on.” Ellie feels deeply, and when someone is in a rough situation, she tries to help them in whatever ways she can. Her concern is always genuine, because no matter what your relationship is with her, she truly cares.


Despite her different relationships with each of her friends, an underlying theme is her humor. She’s “genuinely one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet… she’s very caring … [and] has a kind heart” says Claire. Ava notes, “In the time I spend with her, I always laugh and smile.” There’s no need for artificial lighting; Ellie can brighten any room simply by walking in, and echoes of the laughter she generates will reverberate for years to come. 


Not only is she appreciated by her fellow students, but her teachers adore her as well. Ms. Champion, an Enloe dance teacher, says,“[Ellie] is my rock in Ensemble. She’s so grounded; she always knows when to be serious. She knows how to make it humorous, she knows what the group needs… she’s just one of the most reliable students I think I’ve ever had.” Ellie is the glue that holds everyone together in every setting she finds herself in, and Enloe’s plethora of communities will look so different without her next year. 


Ellie is truly magical. While most Enloe students struggle to simply stay on top of their schoolwork, Ellie manages to thrive in AP classes, take part in school productions, play varsity sports like flag football and dive, devote time to the highest level of dance Enloe offers, write for the school newspaper, and still somehow have a social life. On top of this, “she’s a leader in every single thing that she’s involved in, because she has that much talent and commitment and maturity, and she’s always reliable,” says Ms. Champion. Ellie lives life to the fullest extent, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, have fun, and take part in everything life has to offer. She is the definition of a go-getter – she knows what she wants and she accomplishes it. 


Much of Ellie’s time goes to the prestigious Dance Ensemble, where her work ethic takes center stage. Ellie puts in countless hours of rehearsal, constantly striving to be the best dancer she can be. Her efforts pay off each concert season, as the lucky audience bears witness to her graceful and passionate movement. Starting in lower classes and working her way up to Ensemble over the years, Ellie has danced through Enloe’s hallowed halls, and her presence in all things Enloe Dance will certainly be missed.


Dance isn’t the only way that Ellie amazes spectators at the marvelous physical feats her body can do. Her flips and twists through the air before splashing down into the water are sure to leave the crowd breathless, and not just because they don’t want to inhale the chlorine lingering in the air. Her dives are another tally on the very long list of Ellie’s accomplishments, and doing it in the name of Enloe? Nothing screams Ellie Maguire more than this. 


Dive takes place during the winter sports season, which means that naturally, Ellie has other commitments in the fall and spring. During these months, you can find her in the auditorium as a cast member in Enloe’s plays and musicals. Ellie has taken part in every show since the remotely performed musical, A Killer Party, during COVID-19. Her acting isn’t limited to the official Enloe productions, though. Stop by a Happy Accidents improv show and she’ll make you laugh in no time. 


Yet another way that Ellie demonstrates her Eagle Pride is through her dedication to the Eagle’s Eye. With topics ranging from Enloe’s theater productions to bloquettes, her articles are as eclectic as the mix of extracurricular activities that she seems to so effortlessly weave together. Her impressive inventory of articles may insinuate that she spends all of her class time writing, but in reality, Ellie fulfills her duties as co-executive editor by editing many of the articles before they get published. Not only does she revise these articles, but she imparts her wisdom on others, and is more than willing to accept feedback when the occasional edit doesn’t sit right. 


In her free time, Ellie also appreciates music, films, and arts and has distinctive taste that accompanies her personality- unique and beautiful. Any car ride with her feels like a scene from a coming of age movie, with songs from the Cocteau Twins, Indigo de Susa, Lunar Vacation, or other obscure Indie artists in the soundtrack. 


From her position in the senior circle before the final Honors Dance Concert, Ellie reminded everyone that it’s not what you do that defines you, it’s who you are. At the end of the day, nothing serves as a testament of Ellie’s personality more than Ellie herself. Unknowingly contributing a quote, Ellie said “the thought of this senior spotlight makes me so incredibly sad, but I am choosing to acknowledge that this sadness is due to the big, big love I have for Enloe. Whoever is reading this, I love you too.” 


After her time at Enloe, Ellie will attend Loyola University Chicago to major in Multimedia Journalism with minors in Psychology and Marketing and was admitted into their Honors College. Even in the cold and windy city of Chicago, we know she will bring sunshine and warmth to everyone she meets. 


To Ellie from Maya:

One of my first impressions of you was from the universally-hated second day of school, when you stood at the front of the classroom so energetic and hype. I immediately wanted your confidence, and I admired how you seemed to (and still do) know and love exactly who you are. I know your life isn’t as idyllic as your perfectly-curated Instagram page may suggest, but that hasn’t stopped you from showing me nothing but kindness and positivity. I never would’ve realized back in August just how much of a role model you would become for me throughout the year. I hope you recognize how much you change people for the better, even when your relationship with them is small. I have looked up to you in so many different ways, and I aspire to one day leave the kind of impact on somebody that you have left on me. 


To Ellie from Chloe:

I am lucky to know you, but I am absolutely blessed to call you my closest friend. You have taught me so much about myself, about life, and about friendship. I don’t know what I would do without you and I can’t wait for so many more years together because you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon. 


We love you, Ellie Maguire. 

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