Eagles Capitalize on the Capitals


Coming off of a tough homecoming loss Enloe had quite a lot riding on a victory against Broughton on Friday night, and it was fitting that it just so happened to be Broughton’s own homecoming. On the opposite side, a similar story was developing. Enloe had beaten the Caps for the past three years and each time on their homecoming. This type of humiliation brings vengeance with it, and it was clear that though Broughton was not having a fantastic season either, they weren’t ready to give up on earning a victory just yet.

Entering the first quarter of the game the Broughton side was filled to the brim, and the lines to enter the stadium were still lengthy even after the game had already begun. Whether due to dumb luck or simply good planning on the Broughton side, the Capitals came out with a score early. The Eagles, though fans low in numbers, had an answer. A high snap looked to be disastrous, but Enloe’s quarterback Jaeden Wortham recovered the ball quickly, and the fumble worked in favor of the visitors. The defense bit hard, speeding in to capitalize on what looked to be a turnover, an d it ended up costing them dearly when the player of the night scrambled for a wide open pass leading to a touchdown, and making the game a 7-7 game. Both teams were back to square one, but Enloe seemed to have the momentum.

Broughton was suddenly right back in the swing of things. After a touchback they managed to slip a run through for a long running touchdown, and Enloe was once again down by a touchdown. Neither team knew it yet, but the slugfest that the game would become had really just begun. The Eagles offense pounded their way back down to the two yard line and successfully scored off of a short run up the middle, once again displaying the incredible run game they had developed. A successful PAT and a successful kickoff led to a less than successful special teams play by the players in green and gold when Marjan, the Eagles kicker, was forced to make the tackle at around the 50 yard line.

The start of the drive looking less than fantastic, the defense did more than their duty with a sack and a big hit on the Caps QB right in a row, forcing an incredibly precise punt out of Broughton putting Enloe deep in their own territory. Twice more the ball changes hands when the Eagles defense manages to recover a fumble, but even with an Enloe score coming out, Broughton was still able to return fire with a score of their own. Enloe got their momentum back once more with a score on the run, but the triumph in the air was short lived due to the first unsportsmanlike conduct of the night for the athletes in the green and gold. The demoralizing penalty having no immediate effect, the Enloe defense forced a three and out, and the first half win went to the birds.

The home side is abuzz with homecoming festivities while the opposite occurs in the half vacant visitors area. Fans line the fence surrounding the field, most discussing nothing to do with the riveting game it had been, but there was a tension in the air as you approached the Eagles huddle. The fight had just begun, and the playoffs were still on the line in this game, so everything could not be about parade floats and kings and queens, it was everyone’s head in the game, or a possible loss to one of the teams with the worst record in the league.

The halftime talk for the Enloe side seemed to go well, since right out of the gates they manage a big return, but another penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct to go with it. Even with that penalty a couple runs and the Eagles were carrying the ball to the endzone once more. The score now 35-21 the lead looked comfortable, and a big kick for a touchback only helped our confidence. Broughton still manages to work their way up the field, but a fumble by the caps created a would be touchback, and turnover in favor of Enloe, except for a holding call on the line of scrimmage which just took the Capitals back ten yards, a lucky break for the home team. Capitalizing off of this break, the Broughton offense is able to score after running a chunk of time off the clock while the defense worked hard to attempt a stop. The score was now 35-28, just a one score game, and Broughton was looking to make it closer even quicker with an onside kick. Enloe was able to recover nonetheless and a QB run should have made it 42-28, but a blocked PAT resulting from poor blocking by the Eagles special teams and just the opposite on the other side of the line made it less than a one score game. A few plays from Broughton after the kickoff and it was the fourth quarter already.

This drive Enloe was torn apart by a series of pass interference calls saving the Caps multiple 3rd down conversion attempts, and the defenses fate was sealed by yet another unsportsmanlike on Enloe, the fourth of the night for them. The game just a 6 point difference after the blocked PAT bred incredible stress for the Enloe sideline and fans alike, but they had the ball, and therein a chance. This chance was made even sweeter by another failed onside kick and successful recovery, and then a few runs to bring the Eagles to the two yard line. A tragedy of both officiating and at the time offense happened then when there was a fumble on the field shrouded in bodies and confusion, which, when looked back upon in film, was found to be a touchdown for Enloe. The officials never saw the tape though, and they called the fumble in favor of the purple side. Undoubtedly the Capitals had the chance to score then, and they tried their hardest, but the defense for the Enloe side stop them after just one big run and a few incomplete passes meant to buy some time for the Broughton side.

At this point Broughton went for the 4th down conversion, but failed, and it was a victory lap for the away team. Three first downs in a row thanks to a combination of runs by Swain and Wortham took the clock to just 1:14, and one more 1st down totally sealed the homecoming schools fate. Victory formation to end the game, and Enloe has gathered its pride once more, even if it was an absolute blow for blow kind of endeavor.