Meditation: Making Time for Self-Care

Meditation: Making Time for Self-Care

Yoga might not be your jam, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a healthy life of reflection. Almost every Enloe student admits they need more sleep, less homework, and more time for themselves. While these are common necessities for the modern teen, taking roughly 15 minutes a day for mindfulness can greatly reduce stress and help minimize negative outlooks on life. Mindfulness is greater than yoga, though. It can include simple meditation, therapeutic coloring, peaceful music, or even just a quick nap in a calming position. Anything that helps bring awareness to your breath is a mindfulness practice. 

One of the quickest ways to take rest and allow space for positivity is laying on the floor with arms by your hips and palms up. This is the universal resting place in all mindfulness practices and coupled with slow, steady breathing, you can allow your mind to take a much needed rest. If the floor isn’t exactly an option, you can always sit with your best posture, close your eyes, and allow your mind to clear as if you were falling asleep. This is perfect for that awkward time after a test when the class is too quiet to talk, but you don’t want to do other work. In fact, this process can be done in any position and is sure to calm you down. Below are some quick links for non-cheesy, non-yoga, and non-difficult mindfulness practices for any and everyone. 


15 minute Youtube Meditation for quick stress relief


The ultimate chill spotify playlist for meditation. Not advised for study music.


Meditation positions guaranteed to promote rest


Square Breathing Technique to reach optimum zen