Senior Spotlight: Joidon Boddie


Sport: Indoor track 

Best moment as a player: The time where I surprised myself and triple jumped 38’6 ft and became the third-best triple jumper in the state of NC and became number 6 in the nation as a high school athlete. It was really gratifying because I was fairly new to the sport at the time, I had only been competing in that event just under a year

Why they play: Track provided me with a unique opportunity to pursue the sport that I love and its impact has been great! I have the opportunity to go to school on scholarship and that’s truly a blessing. Track is definitely a hard sport it takes true commitment to stick to it but once you find your niche in the sport (and for me that was jumps) it makes all the work you put in worth it. Plus it’s fun!

Plans after HS: Although I haven’t committed to a school yet I plan to attend a D1 university on scholarship and major in biology

Random Fact: I’ve been singing since before I could talk when I was one or two.  My granddad could hear me coming into the hospital because I was singing