There’s No Denying it Anymore: Hulu Reigns Supreme


This morning, I scrambled onto Netflix as a last resort hoping to find something new, fresh, and interesting to waste my time on. Instead, I was met with two distasteful words that sent me into a deep, guttural rage: “Hype House.” My rational sense told me to do the sensible thing: close the app, throw my phone, burn it, then throw it out the window, but my unmistaken, burning love for trash Netflix Originals to cry-laugh to led me astray. With bewilderment, I watched helplessly as my uncontrollable hands clicked play. 

Within the first fifteen or so minutes, I think the amount of cells in my brain deteriorated exponentially, at a higher rate than any previous one. The sudden onset of engagement with unbridled teen fame led me to confirm one of society’s glaring suspicions: Netflix is simply no longer the best anymore.

On the other hand, a star studded streaming service, and probably Netflix’s most combative rival, Hulu, has taken the spotlight for the new service to beat. While it is missing a couple fan favorites, it certainly makes up in its wide expanse of shows and movies. With hits like Parasite, Dance Moms, the entire Hunger Games series, and many more, Hulu is simply a shining star, a comet shooting through the sky at remarkable speed. On the other hand, Netflix merely looks like a used clorox wipe being thrown into the trash can. Sorry, Netflix.

Let us make a comparison — the other Hype House related television series, funnily, enough, happens to be on Hulu. I went through the same entryway experience as I did with Hype House into this very show on Hulu, The D’amelio Show, a Hulu Original. However, whilst expecting to leave with less brain cells while watching the first time around, I had a very different experience. I was fascinated; I felt bad for Charli and Dixie, and I felt myself emotionally invested in their life during the series for a short period of time. This is the difference between Hulu and Netflix. I get exactly what I want when I watch trash Netflix shows: a bad show to critique harshly. But in expecting trash from Hulu, you get the opposite: interest!

Hot chocolate in hand, I decided to sit down and truly investigate the inner workings of Netflix. 

Scrolling through the website, the occasional irreplaceable classic came up: Victorious, The Good Place, New Girl, Gilmore Girls, and so on. I can only list so many favorites. I do admire the full extent of every The Great British Baking Show episode ever created. But with the occasional good show, the heartbreak floods back. Many iconic shows have vanished from the site over the years: Parks and Rec, Glee, Friends, the Office, and others that truly made Netflix stand out. I’m not forgetting the good Netflix Original shows like Stranger Things. But one season comes out, what, every five or fifteen years or so? I’m an impatient woman. Hulu has my back. 

Do what you will with my critique. But sooner or later, you must face the truth. Hulu is simply better — and you even get it free if you use Sprint. Not to mention, Netflix keeps trying to bump up their prices. How dare they! This is not an advertisement in any way whatsoever. I am just ready for Netflix to return to its former glory and strength, or simply stop trying.