Sports Feature: Enloe Men’s Varsity Soccer


With a final 10-4-6 overall record, our beloved Men’s Varsity Soccer ended another amazing season as one of the most successful teams at Enloe High School.


How do they do it? How did the soccer team manage to achieve great victories, bond as a team, and captivate fans all at once? To learn more about the team, its culture, and the players that make up its ranks, we talked with co-captains Greene Rand and Harrison Holmes. Our first question was “How do [they] manage to be so successful?”  “We’re all just really good friends. And that’s really the main thing you need when you’re trying to build a team” said Holmes. Rand added, “We all enjoy the time we spend together, which definitely helps us improve collectively as a team.” As emphasized by both captains, friendship and team bonding has been their key to success this season.


We also asked them how they managed to bond with each other when everyone has different schedules. Holmes said that they went to as many of the women’s volleyball games as possible as a team, “We do stuff outside of school too, I hang out with people on the team outside of school, just to hang out.” Rand added, “Before games, we have meals all together. And that’s a really fun space because we’re all either watching a game or playing video games together, just kind of sitting there talking in a group, which is a very good space for bonding and kind of just getting mentally ready to fight as a team but also having fun together.”  Midfielder Devin Stone agreed: “I think the team dynamic has been enjoyable, every single day it’s something to look forward to, to laugh and just have fun as a team.” 

In addition to the cohesive bond that the team shares, they also manage to bring out great crowds at their games. This can be best shown by their senior night game against Broughton. The varsity team was able to pack the student section and ended up with a tightly contested 3-3 tie.


Also discussed in our interview with the captains is their leadership throughout the year. They explained that having two captains helped them as they were able to complement each other with their individual strengths and weaknesses, “I think it’s a very good thing to know how to share responsibility and share a power dynamic. There are things that Harry is better at, and there are things that I’m better at,” Rand elaborated. 


Overall, it’s evident that the team has an unbreakable bond that we can see on and off the field. Even though their season came to an end during playoffs, they’ve garnered a lot of unforgettable recognition and success throughout their season. In true Enloe (and Greene) soccer spirit, “vamos” and “skoeags” Men’s Soccer!