Coach Blocker Puts Faith in EHS Football

In the past couple of years, Enloe varsity football has gone from a ragtag underdog team to a conference powerhouse, with the 2018 season being one of the best in school history. EHS Football’s meteoric rise is largely due to the tireless effort of our head coach, Coach K. Blocker- better known to his players as Coach Block.  

After the graduation of a few star players, Coach and his team have some ground to cover in order to replicate last year’s glory. Coach Block, however, is optimistic about the rest of this year’s season. He takes pride in his team’s ability to work harder and stronger during the offseason and in practice. Additionally, he is firmly confident that they are going to be as good as they were last year- even after losing important starters like Hamilton Moore, who had over 2000 yards run on record- stating that “…as long as the guys keep their attitude on the work, everything else will handle itself.”

Block believes that one of the team’s strongest assets is the continual grind on the gridiron. As Coach puts it, “Winning gets butts in seats. People don’t pay to come to watch a losing team.” While the team has a very strong support system with the parents of players and even some alumni, a team needs to win to stay a team. Coach, of course, knows this and runs a tight ship on the field with an especially strong offensive line. Some players are even being looked at and recruited by SEC teams as early as their sophomore year, and some of the older players looking to play for D1 schools.

Coach Block greatly values his team’s performance beyond the field as well, stating “…we want to make sure we build a well-rounded athlete that understands their impact in their community, as well as on the field”. He strongly encourages players to participate in community service, such as the food drive they hosted last year, during which roughly 250 Raleigh families were fed and over 9000 pounds of food were given away to those in need. 

With a great focus on hard work and dedication, the rest of the 2019 football season looks good for the Eagles. As the players continue to develop skills on and off the field, the only way to go is up, and that’s exactly where Coach Block intends on pointing his team- taking yet another optimistic shot at that ever-elusive conference title. Winning hasn’t always come easy for Enloe football, but with a confident coaching staff, a strong offensive line, and some promising young players, the program’s future looks more than promising.