Need tutoring? Enloe Key Club has got your back!


The Enloe Key Club has been one of the foremost student charitable organizations at Enloe for more than a decade. Now, to meet the demands of online learning, Key Club has pioneered a new virtual tutoring program for Enloe students in this unprecedented time.

Due to the pandemic’s “new normal,” students and teachers have experienced varying levels of difficulty functioning remotely. Technical problems have hindered the learning process, with many classes experiencing Wi-Fi interruptions and abrupt pauses in teaching. Virtual learning also makes it harder for students to be focused or present when learning the material, given the temptation of being able to walk away from the class with few consequences. Students might be less inclined to talk to teachers or ask for help because of the reduced interpersonal connections of virtual learning. Clearly, because of these issues, it is apparent that tutoring has become more valuable than ever.

Along with the rest of the Key Club board, Club President Ishan Shah is at the forefront of this initiative. “Even though our dedicated Enloe faculty toiled tirelessly this summer to try to restore some semblance of normalcy to a drastically changed learning environment, the fact of the matter is that many opportunities for discussion and extra help quickly melted away,” Ishan said. He added that “I thought [tutoring] would be an amazing way to supplement their teachings in hopes of further fostering a community of service and collaboration at Enloe.” To Ishan, tutoring “is the true spirit of Enloe, a school where students use their talents to help others.”


In order to get tutored by a fellow Enloe peer, sign up via google forms at the link provided below. 


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