Shelby Postrk-Bradley: A Grand Feature of Enloe High School

A foreword from the author: 

This was supposed to be a senior spotlight.

You are currently reading about Shelby Postrk-Bradley because I, Crystal Leung, accidentally stole this assignment from fellow staff writer Louis. However, now that it is no longer under the realm of the senior spotlight, I now have the freedom to write a full-blown feature on one of my best friends. For no reason. 

Shelby Postrk-Bradley: A Grand Feature of Enloe High School

I began my few stolen moments with Shelby by asking her about her flourishing high school art career. Shelby, unbeknownst to most, is an accomplished art veteran with multiple medals of honor, including the Purple Heart of the Enloe Art Department (winning an award at the State Fair). To this, she says, “I make something once every three months. Everyone thinks I slave away on my silly little canvas all day, but I just do it when I do it.” Wise words from Shelby. 

Shelby is the tyrant, the dictator, the general, the captain of the Enloe Track Team. No, it is not one of the sweaty shirtless men you see on the ‘Loe Down. It is Shelby. She is in charge. When asked about her pivotal role in the track team, she humbly says, “I dabble.” That is a lie. She specializes in the 400-meter dash and 300-meter hurdles. The peak of athleticism is Shelby Postrk-Bradley. She rules over the jungle as would canaries soar above the Amazonian treetops. 

Last but not least, the future. What school is lucky enough to receive the absolute force of nature dubbed, “Shelby Postrk-Bradley”? Why, that would be the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, of course. There, she plans to become a licensed physical therapist, as well as maybe usurp a dean or two. Don’t get injured unless you wish to be at the mercy of Shelby’s ruthless hands. Then again, maybe you do. How would I know what you want?

Fun Fact About Shelby:

She once told a man that her mother died so he would stop flirting with her. She then proceeded to tell him that she lied. For fun.