The Best 5 Lunch Spots Near Enloe (That Aren’t In Your Car)


With the new school year freshly in session and a new shortened lunch, many Enloe upperclassmen have been wondering: “Where are some good off-campus restaurants that I can go to for lunch?” Everyone is aware of the Cookout and Bojangles duo, but there are many other less-known options that are close to Enloe and are great lunch spots for students. 


Eagle’s Eye asked the Big 5, our student council leaders, their favorite lunch spots. Here’s what they said: 


Adam Burchell (Student Body President)

Location: Pupuseria Taqueria Amigos (a taco truck)

Favorite Order: Steak and pork tacos

Adam’s Review: “This spot is almost as close to authentic as I’ve seen, and it has a lot of options varying in flavor. It’s also pretty cheap, which is definitely a major benefit!”

Distance from Enloe: N/A


Jason Okoro (Vice President of Finance)

Location: Red Pepper Asian

Favorite Order: General Chen’s Chicken Lunch Special

Jason’s Review: “This is the closest Asian food spot to Enloe that I know of. The lunch special is filling and cost-effective. It also comes with an egg roll! Make sure to order online so you have the best chance to get back to school on time.”

Distance from Enloe: 10 minutes 


Chloe Johnson (Vice President of Publicity)

Location: Gringoagogo

Favorite Order: Vegan cheese quesadilla with black beans

Chloe’s Review: “This spot is right down the road from Enloe and incredibly fast at making food (they also have online ordering). They have vegan alternatives for almost every item on their menu and they are also the kindest people around!”

Distance from Enloe: 5 minutes


Jakai Dickerson (Vice President of Service)

Location: Frank’s Pizza

Favorite Order: 2 slices of cheese pizza with red chili flakes on top

Jakai’s Review: “They offer speedy service and a menu full of Italian cuisine like Stromboli and calzones. Frank’s Pizza is also convenient for travel; only 5 minutes from Enloe! I would recommend calling in before if you’re worried about making it to school on time.”

Distance from Enloe: 3 minutes 


Damarion King (Vice President of Governing Procedures and Logistics)

Location: The Pizza Times

Favorite Order: 2 pepperoni slices and a Sprite ($7 lunch special) 

Damarion’s Review: “This pizza spot is better than Frank’s! It’s about 5 mins away from Enloe located in the heart of downtown Raleigh. Ordering Online before you arrive always makes things faster. Awesome flavor, not too greasy (unlike Frank’s), and two very big slices all for 7 bucks!! You cannot beat that!”

Distance from Enloe: 8 minutes 


From pizza to tacos, these five spots cover all kinds of food. The next time you and your friends are looking for a new place to eat, think back to this list and you’ll have all the options you need.