Earn a Free Ticket to Charity Ball Through Art Submisions

Charity Ball season is currently in full swing. With a high demand for tickets with high value, purchasing a ticket can be difficult if you’re in a bind for money. If you’re an artist or notable crafter though, you’re in luck.

Currently, Ms. Mann is taking art submissions that will later be auctioned off to raise funds for the Enloe Charity Ball recipient this year, Alliance Medical Ministry. In return, artists who submit their work will receive a free ticket to Charity Ball which can be used on themselves or donated to others who may not be able to afford a ticket. The work submitted must be worth at least roughly the price of a ticket (about $50) but the submission type can vary, including but not limited to a canvas painting, a small sculpture, some homemade jewelry, or a nicely sewn quilt. Anything is welcome as long as it’s an original piece of art or craftwork. Already, many people have submitted their own unique paintings, a couple homemade pillows, and a hat and scarf set. Below are some examples of works that have already been submitted.

Before submitting, please make sure to talk to Ms. Mann about what work you are interested in submitting so she can ensure the quality of work being auctioned. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to talk to Ms. Mann in Room 1316 or email her at [email protected].  Submissions will be accepted until the end of November, so be sure to take this opportunity while you can!