Senior Spotlight: Raghav Arun


Raghav Arun is like no other, with surmounted passion and intelligence that radiates throughout his life and is reflected in his personality. He has thrived academically since he was 5, winning his elementary school-wide spelling bee as a mere kindergartener. Since then, we knew he was destined for greatness. 

Raghav is heavily involved in Enloe. He runs the social media for Student Council and is a poetry editor for the Enloe Literary Organization, or ELO. All of those Charity Ball Instagram countdown posts were made by the king himself. As an editor of ELO, Raghav helps produce the yearly publication of Enloe’s best poetry, prose, and artwork. He is honored to be a part of communities like this that can provide such a great creative outlet for Enloe students, including himself.

Along with his dedication at Enloe, Raghav is simultaneously an online student at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). His commitment to both schools is not only impressive but is telling of how much he loves Enloe’s environment, deciding to stay here instead of joining NCSSM’s residential school: “I don’t know at what point this changed, but my whole life my mom wanted me to go to NCSSM in person, get a scholarship, and then go to State or something for free. And that was the goal, right? But at some point, I was like, ‘Okay, actually, I’m staying at Enloe. That’s just gonna happen.” Through his classes at NCSSM, Raghav has also found a passion in which he hopes to major in. As someone already taking computer science classes at Enloe, Raghav took a human-computer interaction (HCI) class at NCSSM and discovered his love for design in computer science, more specifically how he can curate them using his creativity. 

When talking about majors and his future, Raghav mentioned how much his goals have changed. He plans to major in computer science and design, specializing in HCI. The expectation had been set for him to be a doctor or an engineer. But at one point, Raghav realized he had a real love for design, and despite what his family originally wanted for him, he realized that he shouldn’t be led by anything other than his dreams. 

On advice for future seniors and even seniors now, Raghav said “Honestly, what I always say is do what you want to do. I think a lot of seniors right now have no clue what they want to do at all.” Raghav stressed that this anxiety was nothing to run away from: “This is a time when [seniors] have a pressure to be doing one thing only, you should be looking to see what that one thing you might want to do is. And for everyone, that’s a different thing. I really encourage people to seek out what they want.” Raghav can’t help but encourage others applying to college to venture into what they enjoy and to pave their own path, however that may look. For someone as accomplished as himself, it’s encouraging to know that doubts are nothing to shy away from as he finds his own path in the world.