Senior Spotlight: Lylan Bui


If you see Lylan Bui around Enloe, there’s a good chance you’ll find her eating AirHeads Xtremes, listening to “good music” (otherwise known as her 2000s-2010s throwbacks playlist), and with her lucky two-dollar bill. 

Those close to her know these things are staples for Lylan, but others may know her as playing violin as an orchestra concertmaster or as the top head marshal. Regardless, to know Lylan is to love Lylan — something that is evident through her passions and community involvement within Enloe.

Community Service

Within Enloe, Lylan is highly involved with serving the community as a member of Threads for Hope and the National Honor Society. For her, each is an opportunity to become more connected to those around her through service.

“NHS is good for community involvement. For example, we can help out our teachers within the school and then also we help out places in the community,” said Lylan. 

Some of her favorite high school memories have come from events she’s done through the National Honor Society, such as volunteering at concessions during Enloe sports games and staying after to support the teams.

Threads for Hope is a knitting and crocheting service club that donates everything they make to local charities. For Lylan, Threads for Hope is a perfect opportunity to weave together her hobbies and passion for community service.

“I’ve been crocheting since I was in kindergarten, so I’ve naturally just wanted to be involved in a knitting and crocheting club,” explained Lylan. 

She hopes to continue fostering this passion and involvement throughout college as well.

Computer Science

Another passion for Lylan is computer science, something she’s been interested in since elementary school. She recalled her third-grade teacher introducing her to the subject through online educational resources such as

“I really enjoyed problem-solving through these activities, so I decided to continue it,” said Lylan. 

However, while taking computer science classes within Enloe, she noticed the lack of female representation — a trend she says can be seen throughout the computer science field, regardless of the school. 

“As the classes get higher level there are less women in your computer science classes,” explained Lylan. 

She enjoys being a part of the Women in Computer Science club here at Enloe, where she’s able to explore her interests with people like her.

“Computer science has always been a male-dominated field, so it’s fun to have friends that are also women to be in a community with,” said Lylan. 

Within the club, they hear from guest speakers and meet with successful women in computer science to help foster mentorship roles in the field. She noted the importance of her role as Outreach Director in helping to coordinate this, and feels proud to be able to make these opportunities possible for students.

Looking to the Future

In college, Lylan hopes to major in computer science to further develop her passion. She hopes to continue her impact in the field by helping more girls get involved with computer science.

Lylan additionally emphasized the importance of expanding technology access across all populations and hopes to achieve this through her career.

“[Technology] is our future, so getting [people] equipped with that knowledge is something that I like have looked into,” said Lylan.

But first, Lylan must look to graduation from Enloe High School, which is something she is eagerly awaiting. 

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, Lylan felt hopeful for what is in store.

“I feel like I am a pretty go-with-the-flow person so wherever I’ll end up I’ll be happy,” said Lylan. “I’ll have a job and probably start to travel to some places which will be fun.”

Until then, we wish Lylan the best of luck in her endeavors and know that no matter where she ends up, she’s sure to thrive.