Senior Spotlight: Neha Pothireddy


While “just surviving high school”  is a common phrase around Enloe, Neha Pothirieddy takes a different approach to the idea of survival, explaining in detail her plan to win the show Survivor. From her quiet yet personable strategy “before the merge” to utilization of a “big alliance,” it is evident that Neha values friendship, planning, and comradery. In explaining that her “charms” would allow a victory, Neha’s genuine nature is clear from the West Building to a search for the immunity idol. However her expertise extends beyond reality TV, as she is the Community Council Liaison of Student Council, a second degree black belt, involved in NHS and Key Club, and is the ECLA President. 

Working extensively on Charity Ball and playing a major role in planning the event itself, Neha worked with vendors, decorated the venue, aided in intra-school fundraising, and community outreach. Through both the logistics and community aspects, Neha expressed the joy of being able to be a part of an event that gave back to both the community and the student body. 

“It’s just amazing to see what our hard work does for our community, and the fact that Enloe has a Charity Ball is something unique that I love about the school,” she says.  

That community aspect of Charity Ball continues into the Student Council environment and Neha’s broader community of friends, with Neha expressing a great passion for both. From Student Council retreats to the Charity Ball night check moment, she has appreciated her time with the council and describes the environment as “positive” and “close-knit.” 

Not only has Neha made her mark on Enloe with her work in Student Council, but when I asked her what she was like as a child she immediately responded with “one time I was a model for WCPSS.” Following that up with an anecdote about being attacked by birds; however, it was just the one time and she is not afraid of birds currently. 

After speaking with a few of Neha’s friends, her commitment to community relationships was clear. I asked Naina Mishra, a close friend of Neha’s, how she would describe her. The words “enthusiastically deep” came to mind, leading into a story of Neha’s commitment to friendship and effort put into each birthday card. Naina explained relationships as a priority for Neha and her label as a “good friend,” whether expressed through meaningful cards or Saturday trips to the park. 

Outside of Enloe, Neha works at Starbucks and does Karate, an activity that she describes as one that helped her “come out of my shell.” 

When I asked Neha about her plans after graduation from Enloe, I sensed an optimistic spirit, one embodied by a free-flowing and assuredly spontaneous philosophy.

No matter what post-graduation holds, she is sure to prosper, carrying her optimistic spirit beyond Enloe High School. We at the Eagle’s Eye wish the best of luck for Neha and her future endeavors!