Senior Spotlight: Nashbi Cruz


At Enloe, many of the year’s events go by in a blur. But something that we don’t often slow down and pay attention to are the students behind the integral parts of our school. A stellar example of someone who dedicates their time and hard work to making Enloe a better place. Nashbi Cruz-Martinez: a dedicated friend, student, and leader.


As a senior, Nashbi plays several important roles in organizations. As Senior Senator in Enloe Student Council, she dedicates her time to the improvement of the school, and works on the Senior Council. She also frequently volunteers with this year’s beneficiary for Enloe Charity Ball (ECB), Alliance Medical Ministry. After a hard few months of preparing for ECB, Nashbi’s focus shifted to preparing fun events for the senior class – Nashbi explains that “we have a lot of ideas at work, so we’re gonna start implementing our ideas. So that the senior class has a fun and memorable time!” Previous senior events like the senior breakfast and movie night garnered lots of support and helped to foster unity among seniors, but Student Council members behind the scenes like Nashbi deserve an equal amount of appreciation for the amount of work put in to help the events gain momentum. Nashbi remarks, “there’s a lot there’s hard workers and like, in like the council itself that are definitely dedicated to just making the school a better place. 


Not only does Nashbi play a role in the Student Council, but she is also a vital member of the ‘LoeDown team. Serving as Communication Head, Nashbi is in charge of communicating “to [their] executive producers and to our studio managers any information that [they] get.” In addition to this, a large part of Nashbi’s job is floor management during the airing of the show. While you may see her occasionally informing Enloe students of the weather on air, her dedication to ‘LoeDown contributes to the overall success of the show.


Outside of Enloe, Nashbi is a lover of reading and fluffy socks. However, Nashbi’s various pursuits and roles at Enloe do not purely define her. While she works extremely hard to make Enloe a better place for all students, she can also be defined by her radiating kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to all that she sets her mind to. In each of her classes, she is not only diligent with her work but she faces each and every day and challenge with positive energy. Not only does she excel in her classes, but she is also a fierce friend, creating a comfortable space for all of her peers to share.


In the future, Nashbi plans to attend Appalachian State University, majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism. With her infectious energy and dedication, there is no doubt that she will achieve whatever she sets her mind to. We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors, Nashbi!