King: A Renaissance Man

With so many incredible and talented artists here at Enloe, it can be hard to stand out as a creator and find your audience. King Stubbs; however, is an aspiring artist, and a true renaissance man, who is undaunted when searching for a creative outlet, or an audience for any one of his many art forms. 

King first started finding inspiration for art in early middle school, when he began listening to inspirational speakers, and took their messages about creativity and making it a reality to heart. At the time King was working in landscaping making just a few hundred dollars a month, so he took the money and invested it, buying fake jewelry from China and selling it. Once King had saved up enough money he bought himself studio equipment to begin making music. Now in his senior year, King is still working on many different art forms from music, to graphics, to editing his own clothes, and so much more, sometimes creating as many as 50 visual works in a day.

King likes to set himself apart from other artists by, in his own words, bring other people “value” in his work, which he defines as “giving something to someone that is long term”. He aims to give his audience that long term value, or that lasting impression, by making music or art with a deeper hidden meaning.

King attributes his creative abilities and success partly to his extroverted personality. He claims “if you’re within three inches of me, I’m going to speak to you. I’m either going to learn something, or you’re going to learn something from me”. He uses that very same extroverted mentality to market himself on social media, because it’s what he calls “cheap views”. 

When someone radiates as much artistic ability and charisma as King Stubbs, creative expression comes easy, which is what truly sets him apart from the rest. In a world of likeness and similarities in the art community, standing out and finding people to appreciate your work can be an uphill battle, but sometimes all it takes to get the job done is a little entrepreneurship, and a lot of vision.