What Your Most Listened to Artist of 2020 Says About You

What Your Most Listened to Artist of 2020 Says About You

Spotify just released their annual “Spotify Wrapped” to users across the country. As gen z shares their 2020 spotify history on social media, we wanted to release some of our musical hot takes for this year. Half joke, half reality, here is what your top artist says about you.

If your most listened to artist of 2020 was…

Juice Wrld: You’re still not over your 7th grade crush. 

Luke Combs: You’re a republican.

Taylor Swift: You have attachment issues.

Mac Demarco: You cuff all your jeans.

Ariana Grande: Stop gaslighting your boyfriend. 

Nicki Minaj: You’re not as hot as you think you are.

Megan Thee Stallion: You’re hotter than you think you are.

Kanye West: You’re stuck in 2016

Frank Ocean: They’re not going to text you. Move on.

Lana Del Ray: Stop covering your problems with eyeliner and get some help.

Fleetwood Mac: You own doc martens.

Dababy: No, George, you cannot say the n word.

Drake: You have no female friends.

Beyonce: You hype others girls up in the bathroom.

Harry Styles: Your entire personality comes from Tik Tok.

Tyler the Creator: You have a pink Igor poster in your room accompanied by LED lights.

Mac Miller: Stop thinking you’ll find the love of your life at the skatepark.

Cardi B: You have acrylic nails.

SZA: You were rejected. Multiple times.

Lil Uzi: 8th grade formal was the best night of your life.

Were we right?