Everything You Need to Know Before Watching the New Batman Movie


The Batman’s story begins in 1918 when he was unsuspectedly changed into his bat form. This act, by a stranger, gave him immortality. After the transformation he became a vigilante, killing those who he deemed evil with his new power. Years later, the Batman chooses to use his power for good, finding a family with a clan of those with similar power. In 2005, he and his family moved to Washington where he would meet his future wife.


The Batman and a teenage girl, living in Washington visiting her father, strike up a romantic relationship. The merits of said relationship shall not be discussed, considering the Batman is an immortal being and she was a seventeen-year-old girl. The Batman instantly becomes obsessed with the teenage girl watching her in her sleep, protecting her from incoming vans, and racing through the forest with his “little spider monkey” on his back. However, this relationship comes with its barriers as the Batman is not made for the mortal realm. His skin sparkles like a thousand diamonds and his powers put the girl in danger. Countless battles occur between the Batman and his allies against those with similar powers after the girl he loves. 


Years after they first met, the couple was married with a child. This becomes a problem as an immortal and a mortal are not supposed to have children together. The Volturi, a group of powerful immortal beings have remained the supreme authority of those with powers like the Batman. Due to the relationship between the Batman and a mortal girl, the covenant becomes enraged and takes violent action against the couple. This puts both the Batman and his family in mortal danger. After battles, a sister who can see into the future, and countless deaths the conflict is somewhat resolved. However, the Volturi returned once more and took those he loved most from the Batman. After the course of these events is where the 2022 film begins, the Batman has lost his young love and resorts to fighting crime on the streets of Gotham City.


In the final moments of the film, the Batman meets his mortal end at the hands of a dangerous villain.