How to Survive Valentine’s Day at Enloe

  1. Don’t check social media. The more you check social media, the more you’re going to get jealous. Don’t focus on the couples you are so jealous of today, focus on what’s more important: Your WHAP grade.

  2. Run from your singing valentine. If a group of people randomly start serenading you, RUN. Support the choral department, but run. Once again remember that this is your friend sending it (they won’t be offended), your 55 APs cannot support a significant other.

  3. No chocolate. We’re experiencing inflation now, people, don’t waste your money on overpriced confectionaries. You should treat your non-existent partner or best friend with super bowl leftovers…

  4. Pull up to Chili’s. The ambiance of the grandest location to eat fajitas, burgers and more! Do they offer couples offers? Yes, they do, but bring your friend and enjoy the value of $25 dollars through the choice of a starter, two full sized entrees and a dessert. This is not an ad for Chili’s by the way…but if they are talking we are listening.

  5. Even if you’re single (we know many of you are) this Valentine’s Day, the Eagle’s Eye will always be there for you. Visit our website,, for a good night read after you finish your WHAP notes.