How to have a Gilmore Girls Fall


We have officially entered Gilmore Girls Fall. Gilmore Girls is the show of fall-lovers. It tells the story of a young single mom, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory. This year, specifically, there’s been an influx of wannabe Rory Gilmores and some wannabe Lorelai’s as well. It extends from the makeup to the fashion to the mother-daughter relationship. So if you’re feeling a bit lost, here’s how to have a Gilmore Girls Fall.

The first step to a Gilmore Girls Fall is to have a young single mom or an older toxic mom. If you don’t have either of those, there’s no need to worry. It’s a defining factor of the Gilmore Girls’ personalities, but not so much the aesthetic. You can, however, get your friend that acts like a mom to be your young single mom. If you do have a young single mom or an older toxic mom, you’re practically set. The only thing left to do is romanticize the ideas of them.

Step two to having a Gilmore Girl Fall is specific to Rory. Rory’s entire personality in the beginning of the show is based in being very academically gifted and studious, especially as she’s working to get into Chilton. In order to channel this part of Rory, you really need to tap into your need for academic validation. Enhance your studious side and romanticize it to the best of your ability.

Along with studying and craving academic validation, Rory reads a lot of books. It’s how one of her relationships starts to form. In order to tap into your book-loving side, make sure you read super smart books that no one’s ever heard of. If they make you feel smarter than everyone else then you’re going above and beyond.

Step four to having a Gilmore Girls Fall includes coffee. Having a coffee addiction is the only way you can have a true Gilmore Girls Fall, but only having one cup and sipping it throughout the day or posting it on Instagram works as well. If you can get a cup of coffee and never pay for it, without breaking the law, you’re doing better than most.

Step five is pretty important and self explanatory. Act pretentiously and do rich people things, especially if you’re not a rich person.

Step six is my personal favorite, the fashion. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore have their very own aesthetics. If you need some inspiration, simply go on pinterest and type in “Rory Gilmore Style” or “Lorelai Gilmore outfits” and you’re good to go. Rory is all for sweaters, low rise jeans, skirts, tights and any fall colors. Lorelai is more about t-shirts and jeans, long jackets and skirts, and anything that disappoints her parents.

These last two steps are completely optional but very important. Step seven is to ask your grandparents for money. Make sure to be subtle and only use it for studious activities. Step eight is to date toxic people. This can range from emotionally manipulative people, to cheaters, or people just as toxic as you. Any of the above could work. If you’re not a fan of toxic men, feel free to lead the same guy on forever because of your commitment issues, not your lack of feelings. 

Enjoy your Gilmore Girls Fall, at your own risk… and please tag @enloeeagleseye in all your coffee posts!